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Generally reservation and cancellation conditions of company HOTELKLIK a.s. Spindleruv Mlyn

For each order of services made by client ( further only owner ) sets up the hotel a written confirmation of order, where will be specified especially the range of ordered services and thein price. The hotel requires always a reconfirmation by the owner. By collective, group and firm actions the person, who confirmes the order or services, faithfully declares, that he is able to deal in the name of the firm or company – the owvner. Eventually risk concerning this point carries the owner. The owner obligates to solve eventually complaints about the quality or the range of the afforded services by the hotel immediately without delay with the responsible hotel delegate so, that the hotel could ensure the eventually resolution of reffered facts, eventually the hotel could express to this facts. Eventually later complaints, which were not solved during the action, need not the hotel accept. For the hotel are titled to handle in this thing the hotel director, eventually the sales manager.

The hotel warrants the reservation based on exposed written confirmation of booking. The written confirmation of reservation is exposed ordinarily on based mandatory moving order from the owner. In case it is not noted above, is the hotel entitled to request an advance for the rendered services, the advance is ammount of due afore the arrival term. The amount of the advance and the due date is written in the invoice. In case, that the advance is not paid the hotel till the due date, then the hotel considers the reservation as cancelled, without compensation. The hotel guarantees the accommodation in the arrival day till 6 p.m. of local time. After this term is the hotel in autority to offer the accommodation kapacity to another interested person. In case of earlier information is possible to extend the time of reservation through a agreement.

The hotel engages to provide the services according the order confirmation in the range and quality suitable the standard and qualitative hotel relegation, and for the prices shoen in the confirmation of the order.

If is not arranged by other way, demands the hotel the payment of granted services at latest by the arrival day of the guest, in cash only, the hotel does not accept credit cards. By group and collective actions insists the hotel coverage of ordered services at latest 45 days before the stay. If is it written in reservation confirmation, that is arranged with the hotel the posibility of payment by invoice, submits the hotel the owner an invoice for rendered services till 3 days after action termination and the hotel determines the invoice validity for 14 days from the issue day, during which for conclusive day considers the date of sum settlement on hotel account. After this date retains is eligible the hotel to account an 0,1% increase of total amount for each delay day. In case, that is not paid the sum owing to the given day, can the hotel hand over the established debt for extortion. If the guest demands the payument in foreign currency, which is accepted by the hotel, thinks for decisive daily rate in hotel exchange office. By assessment of service prices in written confirmation of booking in other currency as in Kč / USD, EURO/, which presents exchange price reduction in Kč with usány of noted rate of bank buy, where has the hotel waged eforeign currency acc, is provided a risk in height of 5%.

Conditions for reservation cancellation

In case, that the guest recalls his confirmed reservation, has the hotel right to account following cancel charges:

From 28 till 14 days before coming 20% of accommodation price and further ordered services, specified in writing confirmation of order.”
From 14 till 7 days before coming 50% of accommodation price and further ordered services, specified in writing confirmation of order.”
From 7 till one day and in the day of arrival 100% of accommodation price and further ordered services, specified in writing confirmation of order.”

In case, that by collective and group actions sags the number of participants in last 28 days before coming more than 5%, underlies the eventuelly different see above mentioned cancel conditions.
In cases of special regards can give up the hotel charging of cancel charges, eventually reduce the sum through settlement.

Pertinently abridgement of stay lenght, eventually undepletion of some ordered services ( in case, that is possible to draw them ) is not a reason for partly refund of paid remittance for ordered services, if is not arranged by other way.

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