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City Špindlerův Mlýn
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and Krkonoše Mountains

Špindlerův Mlýn

The most famous mountain resort in the country, Špindlerův Mlýn is not only the largest mountain resort in the Krkonoše Mountains, but also the largest and most famous in the whole of the Czech Republic.
It lies at a height of 575 – 1555 m on the River Elbe, just a few kilometres from its source, right in the heart of the country’s highest mountain range, the Krkonoše. The distinctive charm of these mountains, now protected by the Krkonoše National Park, has been admired by visitors for centuries.
Špindlerův Mlýn is a great place for a family holiday, business meetings, or congress tourism. It is the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys relaxing in the mountains, as well as for fans of sports and entertainment and lovers of fashionable mountain hotels.

From spring until autumn you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain streams and ridges – on foot, on a bikes, or from horseback. In winter it offers the best equipped ski resort in the Czech Republic, with 25 km of downhill slopes, 3 snowparks and 85 km of cross-country skiing routes. All year round there are plenty of opportunities for sports, adrenaline trips and wellness, with plenty of inns and luxurious restaurants offering a pleasant place to spend the evening. International sports events are also held here. There’s certainly something for everyone.
Don’t wait around, come and try the unique atmosphere of Špindlerův Mlýn. Attentive and considerate visitors are most welcome.

Krkonoše Mountains

Špindlerův Mlýn is surrounded on all sides by mountains, which are famously unique. The peaks of the Krkonoše are a unique location for natural scientists, who sometimes refer to this area as an Arctic island in the middle of Europe. This is not just due to the harsh climate up on the tops – the border ridges are the first barrier in the ways of the winds blowing from the cold seas of the north and northwest – but also because the relief of the mountains and their nature is so similar to that of the Scandinavian mountains far to the north. The last Ice Ages brought plants and animals over from the Arctic and these have remained here to this day, despite the warmer weather; this is particularly due to the cold climate on the peaks. If you’re observant, in the Úpa peat bog below Sněžka you might hear the beautiful voice of the Bluethroat or see the inconspicuous cloudberry – these are just two examples of species who came from the north and settled here all those years ago. The slopes and bottoms of the cirques are also incredibly interesting; these are valleys carved out by glaciers, which acted as funnels, catching varied mixes of plants and small animals blown here from all over by the winds. The lower slopes of the mountains are also interesting for their distinctive landscape, which was shaped over hundreds of years by nature and by the cabin and chalet building activities of man. So there are many reasons why this landscape has been protected as part of the Krkonoše National Park since 1963. Help us preserve it for future generations too…

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